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Every now and then we get emails asking for tips on how to learn the skills it takes to draw cars. We decided to take a look out there for some good resources.

By far the most highly recommended book is the one called How To Draw Cars Fast & Easy. After reading the book we must say that it’s very informative, useful and easy to follow. The step by step guides does a excellent job on showing you how to start your drawings and how to move forward. It takes you through steps like shading, proportions, colours, details and much more. At first opening the book and seeing it has over 177 pages, it felt a little bit overwhelming, but once you start reading and looking at the illustrations, it feels just right. It doesn’t teach you how to use a airbrush, but it covers different kind of colours, pencils, pens, markers etc. to use.

Click here to check out the book, and let us know what you thought of it if you decide to give it a try!


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